Lady of the Fridge reappears on Alton Browncast


 Alton Brown’s podcast “The Alton Brown Cast” is a rollicking, frolicking and fact filled conversation about food and fitness for the New Year and really all year. I’m a guest with Alton’s personal trainer ( and Good Eats alum ) Roger Scott.  Alton says Roger’s the reason and regimen he was able to trim down and tone up. From Flab to Fab – he kind of says.

Alton tells the tale of the creation of The Lady of the Refrigerator, my  role as a recurring nutrition expert on Good Eats, who appears through the icy fog of the fridge to impart dietary, foodie wisdoms.

alton.oldedwardsinn 004
The Lady of the Refrigerator in her bag blue prom gown….beckons from the back of Alton Brown’s fridge. Nickname: The Fridge Fairy
Lady of Fridge in Barrel
Alton liked to torture me in a Hitchcock and blonde kind of way. Here he put me in a barrel of brine to talk about food preservation.

Have some fun listening to the Alton Brown Cast to find out more about The Slim Down South Cookbook.  Can Southern be Healthy???!!! You bet your biscuits!

Slim Down South Cookbook: Eating Well an Living Healthy in the Land of Biscuits and Bacon!
Slim Down South Cookbook: Eating Well an Living Healthy in the Land of Biscuits and Bacon!

And find out what Alton wants to know about Best Food  I’m the nutrition advisor and we’ve got over 150 experts ready to roll to answer your questions on food, nutrition, food safety, cuisine and agriculture. Talk about a healthy harvest!!!

Quick quiz: where does Alton record his Browncast. Listen and learn……

I’m going back in the fridge now.

alton.oldedwardsinn 008



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2 thoughts on “Lady of the Fridge reappears on Alton Browncast

  1. Hi Carolyn! I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your spot on Alton’s podcast. I LOVED hearing about your experience as the Lady of the Refrigerator and your take on gaining nutrition knowledge and experience in order to enjoy more healthy foods. I adored your take on the “grits and grace” of a southern lady. Thank you so much for sharing.

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