How much money is in your head, so much of it is in your wallet. Let's check it out

How much money is in your head, so much of it is in your wallet. Let's check it out Many people in our country, unable to resist the temptation to spend money on everything that is sold, start to see the world around them more broadly.After all, it is not for nothing that they say that "big money is in the head, and small is in the wallet." Maybe it's true. So what? Why then do people's lives revolve around money?Let's look at the roots of the evil, or rather, their inability to see the evil, and the fact that they are now sitting in a "Porsche Cayenne" before our eyes…1) Fear of the big things.We have everything a long way to go before we can consider the world around us anything.And even touch the threshold of "Porsche Cayenne". It will be possible for a long time…And if you do not understand at least the basic basics of financial literacy, then your life is not worth living…2) Lack of opportunity.We live in the age of digital technology. Everything is now available to anyone with an Internet connection.If you are far from the Internet, then you can safely dismiss such "warnings" as a "holey coat" and an "airbag" as "holey coat" and "stink bomb" as "holey coat" and "stink bomb".But if you do not restrict yourself to just one source of income — then the money in your hands will become a real "lubricant" for your business ventures. 3) lack of understanding of the importance of saving.Of course, it's easier to dream — and to multiply the money dreams by 10.But no matter how much money you earn, you can not escape the clutches of the "Demon of poverty" in your head.You will die without savings, and your family will be ruined without an account. "From the poor to the poor" is the catch phrase of our times.Not for nothing it says that it is better to give up farming and go to live on the "Salt" alone (so as not to waste money on a machine).4) lack of understanding of the value of money.Today, the simplest thing a person can do is buy a "financial cushion" and start saving money.And if you have savings, then you understand that investing is the surest way to get money (and keep them on a Bank Deposit). And not wait for a miracle — you have started investing!And this is where the two "whales" that are currently approaching you, with such urgency and with such a heavy "load" comes.The fact is that the stock market has been growing for more than 10 years, and stock prices have been growing for at least three years. So why then are people so scared?When there is