5 signs that you're going to get fired (and 3 signs that you're going to lose your job)

5 signs that you're going to get fired (and 3 signs that you're going to lose your job) Every second person in our country is at risk of losing their job. And the chances of this happening are approximately 2 in 10,000. Everyone is different. But the most important thing is that everyone tries to minimize the risks of losing their job as much as possible.In this article, we will talk about what signs can be used to determine the impending loss of employment and how to react to the negative developments that are taking place in our economy and the labor market.Coronavirus scare has touched every inhabitant of our planet This has become a global disaster — and it has come to us all. Not only do we lose work, income, career, friends — all of a sudden we are "kicked" by the bosses, "stung" by the government, "torn" by the media, "strangled" by the "zoom" of the smartphone. Every second person is at risk. At stake is your life, your job, and your prospects for a good salary and a good pension. So, what signs can warn us about imminent job loss?Well, now there are special "signals" that are used by professionals in the labor market. They are: 1) a Drop in the market The market is closed for a long time. And when the "open" market is suddenly opened — a flood of unemployed people. This is exactly what happened in China in March, when a record number of companies went bankrupt. record number of companies. Chinese officials have repeatedly stressed that the bankruptcy of a company is not a reason to "worry" about the economy and the readiness for layoffs. But the fact is that if before the crisis, almost no one was on the labor market at all, then now there are an awful lot of them. 2) Strong "Black streak" in the economy Any sign of a disorderly "life" of the economy, any shift in the balance of payments surplus or debt, a sharp drop in incomes and the onset of a new financial crisis are all signs that the time has come for decisive actions.Acts of God or commissioned actors (Shakespearean or otherwise) are called upon to carry out important miracles, or they will be left "standing on the tiller", waiting for a miracle. 3) Falling stock prices Any market decline is a great opportunity to buy good shares of good issuers with a low purchase price. In the current situation, it makes sense to buy shares of good issuers with a low purchase price.After all, if before the crisis, many issuers obtained favorable offers to their depositors at bargain prices.4) Falling incomes of RussiansAny prolonged crisis in the economy will have consequences not only for our fellow citizens, but also for the entire economy.